Why Didn’t The Great  Yoruba Tribe See this Coming

Going through the carefully worded attack of Bayo  Onanuga in reponse to the salvos from Prof Akintoye,One can only ask…did the Tinubu /SW  not know the north had no intention of sharing power with it right from 2015.

Within months of being sworn in 2015..PMB’s gladiators made it clear by body language that he was not for the nation..he was for the Sunni muslims in a selected part of the north. Not even the Shiites.SW did not feature in their minds and they did not hide this.
Acc to them at that time..they only wanted his structure. Unfortunately this paralled the belief in power for power sake and not for economic development.

Things started to unfold..El Rufai became the defacto No2 leaving Kaduna problems to themselves. The gladiators attempted to edit the curriculum of Islamic studies in schools. PMB started playing hosts to several Arabic leaders and speaking to them in Arabic whilst praying in public.

Appointments started favouring mainly Fulanis and Muslims.Some progressives from the north raised an alert. They were told he wanted to correct things. Tinubu not only kept quiet..in some cases supported them.

This oil theft story you are hearing of started around that time fully.

Then Middle belt started reeling under the heel of killer herdsmen.All types of excuses were given to pacify or even justify the killings. Gradually the people could not tolerate the leadership failure of their elected leaders. Late Malafia spoke Up..Ortom woke..Danjuma started to talk too. Tinubu did not notice.

The herdsmen became bolder and started taking lands in SW..to the extent of  being the main suspect in the killing the daughter of a prominient SW eader. Tinubu defended them. Recently they took over towns ,,,yes towns in Ogun ..Oyo and seized territories in Ondo. Amotekun was raised to protect SW..Tinubu saw to it Lagos was not a part to show his believe in one Nigeria. The same one Nigeria he had previously said he did not believe in.

He accepted the Muslim / Muslim ticket which he knew will not sell even in SW. Why would Prof Akintoye not say his ambitions are selfish.

Unfortunately for the Gladiators..they saw SW support in 2015 and 2019 and defeat in battle and least expected resistance from a small dot like SE. They pounced on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu…as they were choking him, he was giving hope to Odua Movement. Now Odua movement has professionals of all kinds in it. Some many variations and heroes like Sunday Igboho. The republic to be is looking at referendum. Indirectly Tinubu wants them to drop the ambition as its clearly against Yoruba Presidency. How will they accept that?

He cannot hold onto a promise by a few persons in 2015 any longer as the north driven by both insecurity and hunger is now divided. Rabiu Kwakwanso is seriously extending his influence to the entire north and judging from the fact that Sanwo Olu became governor with less that 750,000…Kwakwanso may clinch 25% votes here,if his kinsmen stay back and vote in Lagos. Does he think Kwakwanso will back down?

Peter Obi will not back down neither will Atiku Abubakar.

As it stands unless there is massively accepted rigging..there will be no clear victory in the presidential election and in subsequent processes..he may lose.

This is a time to protect the home base. Not the time to fight it.
With the going in in Lagos (his power base). He is facing the OPC factor..Afenifere factor..the odua ni mi factor…The PDP factor..Kwankwanso factor…end sars factor…and the anti Owo  mi da lobby (extortion).

Should he lose Lagos…all the properties he has acquired will vanish before his eyes. This is not the time to fight at home. Take the insult and walk away. You cant sugar coat the question of federalism or Odua republic. Time will take care of those ones.

Walk Away while you still can


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