Lagos Bus Driver Down Tools: Who will Blink First LASG/Area Boys or Bus Drivers?

Lagos: Bus Drivers Sit At Home to protest Extortion,Commuters Stranded

Not many people know that the IGR increase in Lagos is a reflection of transaction and is population based.It has little bearing to increase in productivity.
Hence Isolo that used to be the textile HQ in africa is now full of warehouses for imported goods.
Ilupeju and Apapa Industrial estates are closed down

But the limits to this extorsion has come. The first battle last week was between traders and Area boys in Alaba international Market Ojo.Much as an attemot to paint it ethnic was made. The traders stood their grounds..saying they are always paying taxes to the government but have no intention to pay such to touts.

To follow up ..the Bus drivers have commenced sit at home from today to protest the same.
As usual the Tinubu group will try to break their ranks.
If they succeed..its a battle for another day.If he fails..then campaign funds may be affected and the emboldened masses will start another sit at home

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