From The Archives: The Blue Line Project Cost Is Fraudulent/Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi (Video)

Addis Ababa Light Rail Project
Span: 34Km.
Cost: $475m
number of Stations: 39
Project Tenure: 2011 – 2015
Company: China Railway Group limited

Lagos Light Rail project
Span: 27km
Cost: $1.5Bn
number of Stations: 13
project Tenure: 2010 – 2023
Company: China Railway Group limited.

Amount per Km Addis Ababa – $14m

Amount per Km Lagos – $55m

The Addis Ababa isn’t a Light Rail in quote, it can also transport heavy duty/earth moving equipments. Let’s keep celebrating mediocrity. COSTING THE LAGOS BLUE LINE. As we congratulate Lagos State on the Blue Line, launched today, let us spare a moment for the grand larceny involved in the project. Cost of The Blue Line light rail in the books of the Lagos State Government- $1.5 billion.

Cost of the Blue Line in the books of the Chinese Company that built it, as filed at the Chinese Stock Exchange- $350 million. Don’t believe me. Do a search. Who and who pocketed the $1.15 billion difference. In whose pockets is the outstanding $1.15billon? The cost of the Lagos Blue Line can never ever be justified.

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