Rivers state political inferno:Probe Wike over Obigbo massacre of 2020,IPOB tells Fubara

Subject: Inquiry into the Obigbo Massacre and Involvement of Governor Nyesom Wike


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Dear@SimFubaraKSC, I would like to draw your attention to the ongoing concern regarding the Obigbo massacre that occurred in 2020. We are particularly concerned about the role of Governor Nyesom Wike in the incident. We kindly request the following actions:

1. **Identification of Burial Sites**: We request assistance in identifying the burial sites of the victims executed on Governor Wike’s orders and buried in a shallow grave in Rivers State. Collaborating with local and international human rights organizations, as well as engaging with affected families and community leaders, may prove helpful in this regard.

2. **International Criminal Court**: We believe there are sufficient grounds for pursuing a case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Governor Nyesom Wike for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide. We request your support in gathering substantial evidence and working with human rights lawyers

@EjioforBar and organizations to build a case.

3. **Public Advocacy**: We request your assistance in raising awareness of the Obigbo massacre through social media, public demonstrations, and media engagement. Sharing personal stories, evidence, and updates can help maintain public interest and pressure on relevant authorities to take action.

4. **Legal Support**: We request a collaboration from human rights lawyers including your newly appointed attorney General of the state, Dagogo Iboroma (SAN) and organizations specializing in international law and human rights violations, to help us navigate the complexities of international legal systems and ensure the best possible course of action for seeking justice. We understand that this is a complex and sensitive issue that persistence, and a strong commitment to achieving justice for the victims of the Obigbo massacre. We hope that, with your support and the support of the international community, we can make progress in holding those responsible accountable for their actions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, IPOB Liverpool Central 13/05/2024

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