Human rights lawyer intervenes and recovers N500,000 extorted by the police in Anambra



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Three friends Chiemerie, Chisom and Chikamso were in a tricycle somewhere in ONITSHA going to buy phone and accessories when they were arrested by police officers from CPS Onitsha. They bundled them inside their patrol vehicle and took them to their station where they were threatened to confess of being members of fraud syndicate (YAHOO YAHOO). They were subjected to fear and further threatened to throw them inside the cell to stay with hardened criminals. The three friends pleaded to them to allow them go and that they were only going to buy phone. #FASTFORWARD It will interest you to know that the money (N513,000) meant to purchase a phone was same money the officers forcefully extorted from them which they withdraw from a POS and handed over to them CASH. I sent the information to




who spoke with the DPO and the officers refunded the N500,000 and apology. THE MONEY HAS BEEN HANDED OVER TO THE VICTIM.


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