It is shocking that the good attempt to industrialize Nigeria is always destroyed by lack of vision. Vision is simply the possibility that good things can happen to any location. I recently saw a video on the deplorable state of TINAPA and I was shell-shocked at the extent of damage. TINAPA had the trappings of what Las Vegas or any other tourist site in the world today could give but because of the lack of leadership, that project Donald Duke invested in to turn things around has become a waste. I was talking to a friend and he said Nigeria should focus on the small things like fixing education and healthcare before it focuses on things like TINAPA.

He further told me the story of how Flagler built Miami and how a good mindset has carried on those legacies, adding that the workability of projects like TINAPA will be hard in a country with over 20 million out-of- school children.

But I would love to ask and let’s debate please: Why is that projects like TINAPA, Obudu Ranch and other government-run resorts never thrive in Nigeria?

Rufai Oseni, rufaioseni@gmail.com

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