150 Officers Of NIS Due For Retirement Refuse To Go: Lobby And Bribe

Following the allegation that the Comptroller General (CG) of Nigeria Immigration Service NIS, Idris isah Jere spent nothing less than N6billion in bribery for a year-long tenure elongation, more than 150 officers who are due for retirement have refused to go, insisting that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, LeadingReporters can authoritatively report.


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A source who spoke to this news platform on condition of anonymity revealed that the officers affected are currently bribing some key officers in the Presidency and the Ministry of Interior for their tenures to be pushed far further.

The source further said that the officers, on realizing that the Comptroller General whose valedictory session has already been planned and date fixed, bribed his way to remain in office, vowed to remain in office as long as the CG Jere continues to hold sway in the organization.

“The CG was due for retirement. He has prepared his handover note. Midway into that, he initiated a move at the presidency and in the supervisory ministry and that move costs Nigerian tax payers nothing less than N6billion in bribery. Before one knew it, his tenure was extended and an in-house and secret decoration ceremony was done in the Minister’s office. This is despite the millions of Naira that has been budgeted and expended in all the related valedictory sessions that have been planned.

The source said that the decoration ceremony was done in secrecy in order to avoid public outcry.

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