Protests as Catholic Diocese removes Father Mbaka from Adoration Ministry

The Catholic Diocese of Enugu has removed charismatic Priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka from the Adoration Ministry.
In place of Fr. Mbaka, the Catholic Diocese has made another clergy from the diocese, Rev. Fr. Anthony Amadi to head and take charge of the Adoration Ministry, which was re-opened on Sunday having been shut down three months ago.
Mbaka has now been sent to Monastery with immediate effect.
According to the Daily Post, a top member of the ministry, who confirmed the posting, said the development was unfortunate.
He said: “All along, the Bishop has been trying to take over the Adoration Ministry. But I can assure you that no priest will succeed there. So long as Fr. Mbaka is not there, nobody will come there to worship.
“This will lead to anarchy. It’s unthinkable that this kind of harsh decision could be made. We the adorers will never accept any other priest.
“Fr. Mbaka suffered and built that place will sole effort. Now they have tactically hijacked the place through the backyard. Let’s see how they will succeed.”
Mbaka’s trouble started three months ago after he preached against Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.


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