How Obidatti Dribbled Okowa and Held rally

Preceding the Asaba One Million March for Peter Obi’s aspiration to emerge as Nigeria’s next president, many Deltans were blissfully unaware of the high wire desperate politicking that occurred out of the public glare to thwart the rally on the one hand and to let it hold on the other hand..

What is known however, is that the supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, called the Obi-dients had long since fixed October 1, 2022, Nigeria’s Independence Day anniversary, to do what other Obidients had successfully pulled off in Abeokuta, Jos, Jalingo, Makurdi, Ibadan, Enugu, Umuahia, Kano, Bauchi, Kaduna, Gombe,Ekiti, Akure, Ikeja, Lekki, Aba, Onitsha, Abakaliki etc.


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They marched in uncountable numbers.

Well, those marches set a tone of palpable desperation and panic in Government House, Asaba.

There was a good reason for fear and drawn faces. The choice of October 1, Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration. It was going to be Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s last Salute to take at the Asaba Township Stadium as governor. Yet Obidients seemed set to rain on his parade.

A team of intelligence and diplomatic operatives quickly and quietly sought out the leaders of the Obidients Movement in Asaba. The operatives were possibly supporters of the government who the governor may perhaps, not know personally.

 As those supporters of the State governor met with some perceived Obidients, a  strategic meeting to see how the planned One million man/Woman March for Peter Obi could be either aborted or shifted.

The reasons seemed obvious.

It would be discourteous to rain on Okowa’s day of his last parade. Can they assist in shifting the event by just two days?

From Saturday October 1 to Monday October 3 ?


The Obidients quickly ‘cut’ eyes for each other and agreed. They were smart enough to deceive the team believed to come from the Govt House. They caused announcements to be made to fool the government that the event would indeed be postponed. Meanwhile, Obidient organizers went underground to continue fine-tuning the planned March, which they would blame on spontaneity.

By October 1 in the morning, deceptive bugles blared as if it was the Independence day party, but the huge crowd surged on all venues with the Labour Party paraphernalia making the Asaba one million March one of the biggest in the history of the movement, which overshadowed the 62nd Independence Day celebration in Asaba, Delta State with the mammoth crowd that came out in solidarity with the Labour Party presidential candidate.

The intimidating crowd that marched from the inter-bus roundabout along Nnebisi road, Asaba, kept soaring as they locked down the state capital for over six hours was unprecedented, and a clear sign that the people of Delta State are with Peter Obi, and not for the PDP, despite allocating the Party’s vice presidential ticket to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa./The Oasis Reporters

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