Campaigning against a second affliction has cannot be a campaign of calumny?/Romeo

So campaigning against a second affliction has become a campaign of calumny? Why didn’t the SW give us a better, younger, more credible, more productive and more visionary Osinbajo, Fayemi or Fashola? How come SW which led Nigeria into this calamitous GMB’s era have not learnt from their blunder?
Truth is, no matter what positive, enviable or intimidating leadership credentials Tinubu possesses, age and good health are not in his favour, and those are the primordial credentials a Nigerian president must have in order to contain the challenges of that prime office.
Does the SW want to give Nigerians a president who runs to UK or France ever and anon for medical treatment, leaving governance to an unelected cabal; a president who is so scared of interviews and debates that a proxy must stand in for him, possibly for fear of being grilled about his controversial and tainted past; a president who spent trillions of naira to buy his way to AsoRock and who will definitely recoup what he spent at the expense of Nigeria’s socio-economic development; a president who has shown his propinquity for dictatorship as exemplified in his dictatorial tendencies and actions in LagosState where he is the emperor who decides what, when and how the governor and the legislature and other political office holders should run the state; a president who has elevated the art of touting and thuggery to an unprecedented apogee and who uses them to pick bones with people whose political choices are at variance with his own; a president who has insulted the sensibilities of Christians by running a Muslim/Muslim ticket because of his inveterate, dyed-in-the-wool ambition to become president; a president who has chosen an Islamic fundamentalist and a well-known apologist and enabler of terrorism as his running-mate – a running-mate who has a different ideology from his principal’s especially in the area of restructuring, the implications being that perchance his principal leaves office for whatever reasons he will not only upturn the programs of his principal but also ensure that the country is overrun by Islamic fanatics and terrorists?
May I then ask what calumny there is in campaigning against such a second affliction as a Tinubu presidency and another humongous disaster waiting to happen?/Copied


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