Mr Blak Ndubuisi  Mgbeahurike who hails from Ezinihitte Mbaise, has been forcefully abducted by unknown gunmen on late friday evening 4 November 2022. 

The unknown gunmen abducted him from his dredging site at Ulakwo, under a hell of shootings . The unknown gunmen are suspected to be agents of Imo state Government, under the command of one Mr Chinasa. He is reportedly being detained since friday at a dungeon of a cell, under improper and inhuman conditions.

Mr Blak is a private , licenced investor in Sand Dredging. 

In addition to numerous other challenges facing the industry including high operating costs, frequent equipments breakdowns and  maintenance, these state agents headed by Mr Chinasa have been making frantic attempts to extort money from the Dredgers, after complying with all statutory payments.

The matter is expected to be charged to court.  It is not exactly clear if the state Governor sanctioned such state terrorism, extortion and impunity in arrest and detention of Imo citizens, especially those who are investors.


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