THE ANGRY WOMAN IN THE RIVER: A Visioners view on the source and solution to Nigerias problems.

6th November, 2022.

We had dismissed from our praise moment when I went and lay down. I did not rush into sleep but started praying. One of my concern and which is still my concern is what has been going on in Nigeria. Day-by-day we keep hearing things that will be making somebody to keep asking himself several questions…

The truth remains that some times one would not know whether to be angry or confused about what is happening in Nigeria. The price of things are going higher without any consideration for the poor and the less privileged. People are dying everywhere. Travelers can tell that the only route which is safe and without stress is the air but how many people can afford the flight ticket as it has become so expensive so much that even the rich are not comfortable with it but they have to take it the way they see it just to be safe from road transport fear and stress.

Having considered many things, I started praying to God to help us speedily. As I was praying, in the spiritual realm, the LORD said to me, “Son, I will show you a woman and I will tell you something about her. Then the LORD took me to a bridge and showed me the river. The LORD said to me, “son, this is Niger River. The reason it is called the Niger River is because of the Queen of Coast who is in charge of it. Her name is Neijeriana. She is one in control of Nigeria and Niger Republic. The names of the two countries were derived from her name. I will make her to come to a distance where you can see and hear her clearly but don’t be afraid of her sight, she can’t harm you as I am with you and even when you return to the physical world, she still cannot harm you. The power I put in you is greater than hers”.

Then the river started making a horrible noise and suddenly a giant and mighty woman appeared. She was half human-half fish but bigger than a whale. She was very fair in complexion. As she stood in the river, the hairs from her head were floating around the river. Looking at her face, her countenance showed that a great anger was stirred up in her. Then she started speaking even when nobody ordered her to do so: she said, “I am very angry. I was on my own and some old fools came to me that they wanted me to start taking care of them and their children and that they would be giving human beings every month. When I heard their requests, I told them that I hate nonsense and I hate promise and fail. If they are sure that they would not keep to their promise, they should go and allow me to rest. They were three tribes of people who came together to see me then: The Igbos the Yorubas and the Hausas. Then they left and returned few days later and continued to disturb me about their requests and we finally reached agreements. I hate people betraying my trust on them and breeching our agreements”, the Queen Neijeriana stated.

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Then she continued, “One of the agreements is that the three tribes who came together to see me must be one country and they must remain one country till the world ends. That was our agreements but now their children who don’t know when, where, why and how the agreements were made, have grown up today to say that they must separate. If they want to separate, they must bring all the people who came together and met me to come back and reverse the agreements, otherwise, they are inviting more trouble from me because I am angry with them for going against their ancestors agreements with me”, she said.

Another agreement we reached was that nobody in Nigeria will serve the God who created human beings. Every person in Nigeria even till the world ends must serve me and my people but when the people who made the agreements died, their children including you ( she referred to me), started worshipping God which is against the agreements I had with the people who came to me. We agreed that nobody in Nigeria must worship God because as we are no longer part of HEAVEN, nobody in Nigeria should serve God so that they would not escape from our hands and bondage and go to heaven when they die. Before I know what was going on, a man called Apostle Babalola came up and started praying to deliver Nigeria from my bondage and I gave him trouble starting from his bedroom to outside. He didn’t have peace at home, he only enjoyed peace on prayer mountains but was that peace? When he would stay for days without food and water, crying for the salvation of his own soul first and then others. I got annoyed when Apostle Babalola died and I went to hell fire to check him so that I could punish him for going against my agreements with his ancestors but I didn’t see him. He went to heaven. But when I saw another person by name Bishop Idahosa, I fought him and diverted his attention to fame and wealth, thereby making him to loss focus on what he was created to do on earth. I was happy to meet him in hell fire when he died. All those who are appearing on television and posters that they are major and great prophets, prophetesses, pastors or whatever they called themselves are hypocrites. Can they stand before me and talk. Let them try me and I will destroy them in a minute because they cannot collect from us and still fight us. We know those who are genuine and they are few and not seen anyhow. Nigeria is my own and nobody can take Nigeria out of my hands except the person reverse the agreements”, the queen boasted.

Then the queen continued, “when I saw that the people who entered into agreements with me did not keep to their promises, I raised strangers to be the leaders in Nigeria. The people who are major leaders in Nigeria are not really from the three tribes of people who met with me. I brought the strangers because I don’t give without taking all. I warned those people of the implications of what they wanted to do but they didn’t care about it. They wanted to be a large country without looking into the future of their children. Now, their children are suffering their stupidity and foolishness. My main anger is that those people stopped giving me the blood of human beings as we agreed then I started causing troubles and bloodshed so that I will be collecting the blood as I want instead of as we agreed. Now, I will not come back to the agreements any more. I like the way I am getting blood on daily basis and as for Nigeria, their sorrow is yet to come. It is only the prayers of those who are worshipping God in sincerity that is still keeping Nigeria. I have instigated hatred and disaster against Nigeria but the God of those whose hands are pure is stopping me and I am angry”, she stated.

The queen still continued, “Nigeria will be free if only those who are praying can reverse the agreements, and break the covenants because those who came to me entered into covenants with me to be the goddess of Nigeria and to take care of the destiny of the Nigerians and to put Nigeria into bondage that other countries will be mocking her. Look at what is going on in Nigeria, people think that it is politics that caused it, never I caused them all because they are owing me the sacrifices which their ancestors stopped giving me. I am still angry and I have handed Nigeria over to another country to rule her. I must finish my work against Nigeria through the 2023 election and make it the tears of other nations. I am the great ancient woman in the river and my name still remains Neijeriana. I am the mother and the queen of Nigeria”, she boasted and stopped. At this point the river started making a horrible noise like it made initially and the woman laughed loudly and vanished into the river.

Then the LORD said to me, “Son, tell my people not to relent in their prayers. I showed the woman to you so that you and my people will start praying against her and the covenants established with her by those who came to her and sold Nigeria into her hands. Even as you obeyed me and started 212 days of prayer and fasting which will end on the last day of May 2023, let everyone of you be courageous. It is only prayer that can deliver Nigeria from the kingdoms of darkness. You and our people should know that although it looks as if your prayers are not really making impact but the prayers are destroying a lot of things in the kingdoms of darkness as well as exposing a lot of things people don’t know about. Soon, the results of the prayers will manifest and all glory shall be given to God for being faithful to His people in Nigeria. Tell our people that God is with them and He will see them through and give them testimonies”, said the LORD. And the LORD stop speaking to me. When I looked at my time, it was 11:58pm.

Pls permit me to add this: It is certain that you have been praying for Nigeria. I remain grateful to you for that. I want you to know that we don’t have another country. I am very optimistic that good thing must come out of Nazareth. I believe that Nigeria will be better soon. Let us keep trusting God while we persevere in our individual and group prayers and God will faithfully give us testimonies. Let the glory of GOD and the blood of JESUS CHRIST cover and protect you and your family henceforth in Jesus Christ name… amen!

This message is from
God’s humble servant
Apostle Ubani Kingsley C
WhatsApp: 08091960938

Please share to your people both in Nigeria and other countries. Stay Safe and Blessed.

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