#OwomboSegunJohn is a patriot

Multiple sources on Friday told SaharaReporters that the officer attached to the Federal Operations Unit Zone D in Adamawa State had been arrested and detained.

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Owombo Segun John, an officer of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) who raised the alarm on how refined petroleum products, especially the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise called petrol, is being smuggled to Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic and other African countries has been detained.


As expected a serviing officer in a paramilitary organisation is not expected to show rebellion, he cannot even publicize his work on the social media without approval.
Segun knew this. According to Sahara reporters he has been detained and there is no denial from the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Segun Knows he will probably lose his job or face some terrible punishment.
My focus is on the bravery of this youth.

What he complained about is not news to us. Rice is smuggled freely into the country and fuel is smuggled freely outside the country. Usually with the help of uniformed members of the community.

Segun is a type of one man #end sars. Youths went out to protest undue harasssment by a department of the police..they know they could get into harms way and many did.Yet like Segun they wanted to make a mark. A mark that has become the watershed between accountability.

This mark laid the foundation that made it possible for their voices to be heard /dreaded .On the social media and predictably during the election.
Now the Seguns are not restricted to South West Nigeria. They are in the north. You hardly hear of them except when they are jailed for offences “minor”as saying a governor is corrupt.
In the SE and SS…there appears to be the capital of the Seguns in this country.Some simply want to pull the country apart.

2023 depends on the alertness of the Seguns. They will conduct the elections..They will vote..they will be the thugs..they will be the ones to resist the thugs.

The Seguns will decide the election.
They are swelling by the day.
Sacrificing their hard earned money to attend rallies.
This development has made it almost impossible to predict the outcome of the election without knowing how firm they will be.

I come in peace

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