Group Begins E Petition For The Revocation Of Presidential Candidate’s Certificate Because Of Connection With Drugs

AGGON PEOPLES started this petition

Dear Registrars, 

This petition is for the Richard Daley College and Chicago State University Registrars.

We, the Association for Good Governance for Nigerians, are requesting for the revocation of certificates issued to Mr. Bola Tinubu by Richard Daley College and Chicago State University, because these certificates are submitted to Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the coming election.

The reason for this urgent request is because Mr. Bola Tinubu was found to be the direct beneficiary of illicit drug ttraffickin, sales and money laundering; in United States of America where he got the degree certificates, and that has resulted in the forfeiture of some of the money to US-IRS. 

He is aspiring to be the president of Nigeria and we do not want a Drug Baron to be installed as president. Though, there are some countries that have done that, it ended in drug cartels having unrestricted brutal years of operations.

Besides that, and more worrisome is aftermath of such regime, which always creates large numbers of drug addicts in that country, even increases after several decades of such administration. Honduras and Panama are good examples of such countries. This is one sure way to destroy a country from within and our understanding is that US is a nation builder.

For further information about the court case, which includes case number, name of the court and summary of the court judgement, please visit:


We believe this is against the moral standard expected; forever, of your graduates after graduating from your noble institutions. We do not think it is appropriate or sounds nice to refer to your instructions as institutions that graduate Drug Barons.

In order not to drag the honorable name of your institutions that you have worked so hard to uphold in the mud, and we have a firm believe that you will earnestly attend to our solicitation for the revocation and withdrawal of his certificates. 

Thank you very much.

For AGGON (Association for Good Governance for Nigerians).

At 04.45am on 15 th Nov 142 pple hv signed

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