Video Of Police officers manhandling Lady sparks outrage (Video)


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A trending video of some police officers manhandling a female suspect for resisting arrest has evoked reactions amidst some twitter users.

The reason why the lady resisted the arrest is unkown, however in the video, two officers could be seen dragging her on the floor into the station.

A Twitter user @Icaohi shared the video and wrote ”@PoliceNG look at what the untrained officers of the Nigerian police are doing to this lady. A reliable source informs that this incident took place at Kagini Police station, Abuja.”

@Stopbeenemotional wrote “Wickedness, towards the citizens they sworn to protect. The way we Black peoples always mistreat ourselves, is too bad.”

@OluchiGlory21 said, “He’s pulling her hair. That’s barbaric. While i think they treated her like that cos she is resisting arrest, but dragging a full-grown woman by hair for that distance is bad. Watch the video again and put yourself in her shoe.”

@MAg also wrote, “See as police station be like farm house, in a cosmopolitan city like Abuja? we are obviously not ready. I wonder why the police cannot come up with a proper design for their stations, build it an equip it with modern gadgets? With all the allocations and donations? This is sad.”

Commenting on the video, the spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, condemned the action and described it as “unruly, unprofessional and unacceptable.”

“What else you still want to investigate? If some policemen go out of their bounds, the best is to take some actions, and recue the oppressed. I am sure their DPO was not aware of their misdeeds, thats why it’s easy for the landlord to liberate him.

“We have female officers to attend to cases like this, and it’s a fundamental thing that those women would have been called upon to attend to her. Women vs women is always reasonable and acceptable.

“Whatever it is, men should not handle a woman like this. ItIt’s ruly, unprofessional and unacceptable. They should fish them out and face the consequences of what they have done,” he said via his Twitter handle.

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