Another Enugu Helicopter Sighting: Need For Improved Army Communications

Another video of helicopter landing in Enugu. The armed forces should be able to react to this within an hour. Wars are not just about shooting others..its also about winning the mind.

Last time it happened it took the army several days to announce it was routine training. In this video..there is a claim that the chopper is dropping supplies to killer herdsmen. How many minutes will it take the army to respond?

Conflicts btw forces & Armed men in SE can be traced to beer parlour arguments..fights over females..loot sharing fights over bunkered oil. Recently i think there are assassins for hire on both sides. If you extricate these..there may be few fights over ideology. now communication failure is joining.

Everyone in the few bushes is not an agitator.Some are hardened criminals of igbo and non igbo origin that even the locals want to rid.Nigeria Army needs to improve its relationship with the environment especially via communication.


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