You Have Many Children’s School Fees to Settle,Go And Get a Paying Job And A Contraceptive/David Hundeyin To FFK

In a string of online arguments
Femi Fani Kayode Former aviation Minister wrote on his verified twitter account


, abuse me& my family as much as you like: it does not move us. The bottom line is that you have lost the argument & I have proved that


is NOT a drug lord. Save your words about my children for the day we meet. That will be the day of reckoning.
David Hundeyin a celebrated Journalist answered

David Hundeyin replies on his verified account

Do you even know all your children? Community dick.

I’d have said “Remi Fani-Kayode would be disappointed in the zero-achievement, multiple-illegitimate-child-having cokehead he raised,” but from the testimony of those who knew “Fani-Power” in person, he was a bitch too. Apple clearly didn’t fall far from the tree.
In an apparently now deleted tweed Hundeyin says Femi Fani Kayode has more than 10 out of wedlock children and faces school fees problem and advices him to seek other paying jobs and buy contraceptives to stop further reproduction

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