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This is to notify Imolites of a group of Masked FAKE police officers parading the streets of Owerri with UNMARKED ASH SIENNA CAR, mounting illegal checkpoints along Orji Pri school, Azara Egbelu coise to Heartland Fm, Onitsha-Owerri Rd, Aba Rd close to Ulakwo, Ph Rd close to Avu and off Umuagwo axis….

These are the flash points gathered so far.

These men are always on black polo and black jeans with some of them having heavy beards.

They are armed with AK-47 which means they are not Ebubeagu militants….

They are after flashy cars especially Lexus and Benz….

At Every checkpoint, Do the Following:

  • Find out if those at the checkpoints are putting on police uniforms.
  • Look for their vehicle which MUST BE MARKED WITH THE UNITS THEY CAME FROM..

If they are not on uniforms and their vehicle not MARKED; It’s highly advisable you turn your vehicle if possible and take another route!

This is for your safety this period!!!!

We expect the Commissioner of Police to investigate the influx of FAKE Police Officers in Imo State whom investigation reveals penetrate our territory from Umuahia, Elele, Okigwe, Ihiala axis…

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

My name is Chinonso Uba Nonsonkwa

Human Rights Activist!!!

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