Innoson Vehicle Forgives Would Be Blackmailer, Assures the Nation Of Continuous Good Service

On Monday November 28th 2022,

@Innoson Vehicles reached out to

@Hyelasakda through our Abuja Sales office for a meeting to address his complaints and a meeting was fixed.

@Hyelasakda didn’t honor the meeting and refused to pick up subsequent calls for the meeting
o be rescheduled up till yesterday being December 1st, 2022. We also found out that he has blocked the number of our Sales Rep who reached out to him initially and became unreachable till now.

We have followed all due customer relations protocols to ensure that

@Hyelasakda claims are addressed to enable him and others to continue to have full satisfaction with our products and services.

Furthermore, it has also come to our knowledge that the said tweet targeted at us has since been deleted and for reasons which appear strange to us.

We therefore urge

@Hyelasakda that

@Innosonvehicles is ready to resolve any issues the said vehicles he bought from us have and should therefore contact our Abuja sales office at Edwin Medani Crescent, By St Martins Catholic Church, Back of VIO Office, Mabuchi Abuja.

We treasure our customers and we are committed to doing everything practically and legally possible to ensure their maximum satisfaction. Regards.

@Cornelosigwe Head Corporate Communications Innoson Group

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