Will Soludo Kill Or Main APGA/BA

The recent visit by Presidential Aspirant Atiku Abubakar to Anambra has again sprung heavy criticism.
First of all its coming against the background of Soludo being fingered as a traitor in igbo land working against the emergence of Peter Obi

Many View his infamous reference to two major candidate as treachery

In the visit Gov Soludo referred to Mr Atiku as one of the two major contenders for presidency..By implication either his own party presidential candidate .Proffesor Peter Umeadi or Peter Obi Of Labour Party is left out.

In another video..clearly Atiku did not seem to be a stranger to Anambra State house he seemed to be leading Gov Soludo.

APGA won the gubernatorial election in Anambra purely on ethnic basis…Nkeanyi bu nkeanyi.and is invisible in other parts of SE except Enugu recently..via an underfunded candidate Frank Nweke.

In Abia it chose an unknown Professor Gregory as gubernatorial candidate and the court dropped him
To save itself APGA has severally issued statements disassociating itself from the excesses of Governor Soludo.

The ethic saintly halo around Peter still works..those who collide with him SE get smashed. Simon Ekpa,Ekwueme.Orji Kalu, the list is end less…Soludo may suffer the same fate.
However in its current state..if soludo goes down…APGA too will

The question is will APGA learn to control Soludo or get him impeached before he ruins the partys image.

The plantain shoot kills the plantain..Ajantala should not be the death of his mother. Good Morning/BA


Aku-N’esi-Obi-Ike (I)


Governor Soludo has destroyed APGA! The worst mistake the party made, was giving him its ticket in 2021, to contest for an election. His party has a presidential candidate, but he’s openly campaigning for an opposition party. Isn’t that an anti-party activity?

Soludo knows he has only one term if he is not impeached.His statement implied it. What we need to correct is the recklessness of apga in making choices.Happy though they have corrected themselves in Abia by dropping Prof Gregory/Chukwuemeka

In other states, the presidential candidate, pays a courtesy call to their monarchs. But in Anambra its the monarchs who goes to see the candidate. Soludo and his ilks who believe Atiku is the stepping stone for Igbo presidency must be ashamed of themselves.

Mbazulike..this is the video am talking of…Atiku was leading Soludo to the high table..instead of vice versa..and Soludo was following him behind, grinning.Thank God a normal person detected this and Soludo rushed ahead.Was Atiku going to introduce Soludo to Ndi Anambra?


@firstladyship wrote

Solid candidate of the LP endorsed by Peter Obi, will defeat Soludo at first ballot. Whosoever becomes the gubernatorial candidate of the LP in Anambra state, will defeat APGA. Soludo may well become the last governor of AGPA in Anambra state. The die is cast.

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