“Unknown Soldier” Disrupts Yoruba Nation Rally In Kuto,Abeokuta (Video)

To whom it may concern.
This present led govt have invested alot nobody can expect in propaganda. If anyone have an idea the govt spent in kidnapping MNK and sent Sunday Igboho on exile, I think many will rise up to question the govt the kind of propaganda the govt have instincted in people to make many fear the freedom fighters than the real criminals warding squads of battalions terrorist like Diko and Turji Bello.


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Yesterday! Youths of Yoruba Land trooped out for a peaceful self determination rally at Ogun State, Kuto and Sagamu precisely. Every thing went smoothly until some unknown solider conducted a guerilla attack on some set to youth wounded one severely.
Listen to a report released this morning 👇

Only God knows who’s the presenter and station that released those false information./Omini la ra fe Writes from Abeokuta

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