Ndigbo,there is a lot of hope..lets reflect

Dear @Babashonk


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Lets start with the recent Enugu Killing
See why voting is an issue in SE.Its the beginning of a process of accountability & good governance. You need foundations of a better society before separation? otherwise its just going to be a flag change, How did this man Ugwuanyi get elected?what is the guarantee that his replacement will be better.
Can we truly say this man made any move to improve security in vulnerable areas of Enugu state..Did he even think of pvt sector ranching as an economic activity to prevent clashes. He did not have an idea of what being a governor is.Sadly we are repeating the same mistake in Anambra.Few understand Igbo problem.

When deaths occur like this there is justification for ESN..there is justification for IPOB esp when you add youth economic suffocation. The answer lies in diverting the newly generated energy into accountability/good governance.#economicbiafra

Now you understand why Inec offices are being burnt in SE,Few people want change…And just like in the North..few want poverty to continue.Its the same reason they are assassinating new political entrants in SE. Its the same reason they dont want PO.Its more of an internal issue Even the Igbo in Diaspora sponsoring violence in SE is misguided…when a Joshua comes and he sees the light..he will direct his funds differently,He sees Igbo potentials as being tied down by Nigeria. True ,,,the bulk of the weight is by Ndigbo political elite. Google Catalonia.

 With 7.45 million people, the region accounts for 16% of Spain’s population. Its €215.6bn (£191bn) economy, larger than that of most countries Yet catalonia is still talking independence without stopping economic growth

EG they say Turkey was technologically behind SE in 1967..today its exporting drones to Russia.Malaysia was behind SE in palm oil production in same era.Who is to be held responsible. To them Nigeria as represented by “Fulanis”. True but look back since 1999..SE leaders failed
Its a long journey,,we have proven potentials in Pharma etc. The time has come to see the bare footed herdsman as a decoy of a very small grp of people who intend to keep Nigeria down.The nation consumes over 10,000 cows daily at N200k..imagine where we ranch and process this qty.Try this today and see opposition
Its beyond Ugwuanyi,,,there are igbos bent on mass producing Ugwuanyis…Tell me which governor in SE can you be proud of.See why they hate PO,As youths ..vote your conscience, abhor violence,,you will see dollar dropping like brick in water.Good Morning..my friend

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