“Notorious criminal caught at last after months on the run. There shall be no peace or hiding place for those who wants to make Alaigbo uninhabitable”(Video)

According to the narrator,,He kidnapped..participated in burning govt offices..murder…and has been on the run for months.He has also been identified by already arrested mates

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Most wanted gunman “Small case” arrested by Security operatives

Operatives of the local vigilante in Ezinifitte, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State have arrested one Chuma Ejionye, a notorious gun man.

Chumwa who is a native of Awo, Ezinifite in Nnewi South is said to be responsible for various atrocities in Ezinifitte, and the entire Nnewi South.

Nnewi South, especially Ukpor, Ezinifitte and Unubi have been hideout of criminals and gunmen, during the height of insecurity in Anambra State.
The suspect, in a viral video claimed to be popularly known as small case.
He said, “I was in Unubi camp, before I moved to Ezinifitte, before going to Agulezechukwu, where I stayed with other members. Then, later I now left the group and escaped, to stay on my own,”.

According to the video, the suspect has long been on the wanted list of Joint Security Forces working in the State.

“He is a known kidnapper who has been responsible for the killing of security men, including vigilante.

“He kidnapped a prominent man and collected N1.5 million before setting him free, but unfortunately for the man, he was dumped in a place where he broke his lungs, and has been under treatment since then.

JTF has visited his house and recovered guns and security uniforms which he used when he was a security man (he worked as a vigilante operative).

“He has been on the wanted list for a long time and has been one of the reasons Ezinifitte and Nnewi South were regarded as being highly unsafe.

“We got a tip off last night and we moved in and apprehended him where he was hiding,” the narrator explained.

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