The resignation of Okupe: The new moral latitude

Doyin Okupes Resignation Letter


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Dear Peter, You will recall that I briefed you yesterday about my personal travails in seeking justice and clearing my name using the Nigerian Legal System to pursue same. I have invested too much in your campaign to allow my personal travails to become a source of distraction. In the circumstances, I have opted to step aside and plead that you appoint a new Campaign DG who can continue the assignment with zero distractions. God bless you and family.

If one looks closely at the case before Doyin,In Nigerian politics he could wave it aside.

But the Obidatti team felt there is a need to match words with action. It had to prove to Nigerians that what it preaches is what it would do. A clean and transparent administration.
This has opened the doors to other tests ,,most importantly if APC can withstand a confirmation of forgery and conviction of drug offences against its flag bearer.

We may hv just opened new doors…when is the police man who acted as jagabans treasurer going to be sacked.When will the CP of yobe that arrested & detained a minor going to be sanctioned.When is David Hundeyin re awakening jagabans drug case, shd we hv an ex con as speaker?/BA

Can He resign?BA Asks

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