2023: History will NOT be kind to Atiku, Wamako, Saraki, Kwankwaso, Aliyu, Lamido, Nyanko, and Tambuwal,

2023: History will NOT be kind to Atiku, Wamako, Saraki, Kwankwaso, Aliyu, Lamido, Nyanko, and Tambuwal, then speaker of the house of reps.

…Atiku and seven governors staged a walkout on PDP at Eagle Square in 2013. They were protesting against GEJ intention to contest for president in 2015. They insisted that for equity, Power should return to the North. But today they have jettisoned equity and are contesting to retain power in the North! Where lies the unity of Nigeria?

I was at Eagle Square Abuja during the 2013 PDP non-elective National Convention on 31st August 2013.
Atiku and seven Governors; Sokoto-Wamako, Kwara-Saraki, Rivers-Amaechi, Jigawa-Lamido, Niger- Aliyu, Adamawa-Nyako, and Kano-Kwankwaso. They all staged a walkout from the Convention protesting that it was schemed for Jonathan to run under PDP in 2015, having placed the party’s chairmanship to the North. They claimed that power should return to the North for them to complete the Late Yar’adua tenure.

To realize their ambition, they later left PDP and joined others to form APC to make sure that power is returned to the North. In 2015, Buhari was elected and re-elected in 2019 in line with the wishes of Atiku-led seven governors that walked out in 2013.

Now with the clamor for a power shift from the North, the same people that walked out in 2013 protesting for power rotation are against rotating power from the North to the South. What a double standard! They are now trying to change the goalpost in the middle of the match!

Today, 8 years after the power has been in the North with Buhari as the President, it is meant to return to the South in line with equity, balance, and a united country.

But what do we have with these supposedly respected men and advocates of power rotation in 2013?

Atiku Abubakar, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Kwankwaso, Babangida Aliyu, Nyako, and Sule Lamido are now leading the campaign for power to be retained in the North while Amaechi is silent.

To make the matter worse, Atiku and Kwankwaso are candidates to retain power in the North. Tambuwal is Atiku’s Campaign Manager, Saraki, Aliyu, and Lamido are Atiku’s advisers. Apart from Wamako and silent Amaechi, all others are working to retain power in the North.

Can you imagine?

They are fighting to keep power in the North for another 8 years making it a straight 16 years of power in the North!

How else can one threaten National Unity in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious nation like Nigeria?

This generation of new Nigeria must say NO to them!
This is the only way to build the united Nigeria of our dream.

Those that oppose rotation hate the Unity and progress of this country. Hiding under Political party, Religion, and Ethnicity can not be an excuse.

When the history of today and our fourth republic will be told tomorrow, history will be very UNKIND to these opposers for fighting to destroy the unity of the country with their inconsistency and desperation for power against the unity of the country.

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