The Offence Enuguites Committed to be Massacred Was to Vote Bad Leaders,BA replies Enugu Governor

“What offence did the people of Eha-Amufu commit that they should be massacred like this?/Goveror Of Enugu State 21/12/2022


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There were enough warnings on this massacre. Groups were reported seen at different locations before the massacre. The only thing unexpected was this allegation that Benuites joined in the killing. Governors are the CSO of states. This responsibility should not be transferred.

ESN the ethnic vigilante has clearly announced that Enugu people rejected their last efforts to help. Under the current situation engaging them is not permanent solution. The group has been infiltrated. You may end up with criminals rather than protectors.

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The Eastern Security Network is the paramilitary organization of the Indigenous People of Biafra, a pro-Biafra separatist movement.

The call for beef ban by the irredentist group earlier this year ,though popular was not successful as implementation became violent and Ndigbo were not ready to give up the taste of beef for the period of change to locally grown cows.

The permanent Solution solution to restrain conflict by arranging private commercial ranching ,meat processing and state ban on grazing . No Governor requires FGN permission to do this. Ranching and meat processing are not restricted to Fulanis.
Not to talk of the benefit of the associated leather industries.

Enugu state government should prepare grounds for investment in these areas, This can be done within months before the ban on grazing. Only good leaders with the safety of the people at heart can do this.Elections is on the way. Voting for bad leaders is the failure of Ndigbo in General and Enugu people in particular in this case.

As it stands It may be necessary to vote out PDP that rules in that state to send a message in Feb. 2023 …at all levels from the Local Government Council to Senate

Whether Enugu people or Ndigbo as a whole are ready to sacrifice this remains to be seen. Meanwhile for the coming weeks Enuguites should sleep with one eye closed,weapons by the side.Good Morning

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