If APC loses Ogun State it is because of Dapo Abiodun’s layman governance and onslaught of the Atiku wave/Ogun Activist

Daniel is an old war house who has always calculated his moves before going into the ring.


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He knows about electioneering and color while going about it.

It is a question of how APC can use his help for their candidate not the other way round.

About Amosun, he’s a Tinubu guy and a loud mouth with no political color at the moment, am on ground here. If APC loses here it is because of Dapo’s layman governance and onslaught of the Atiku wave not cus of any Amosun prowess. Two things worked for Amosun in the past, sympathy and Egba hypocrisy which is non existent at the moment. If not anything stepping down for Tinubu reduced his political stature in the senatorial district. He knows he’s out the reason he didn’t try to contest the senatorial district in Ogun central after the Governor denied him. Were it to be in the past, Amosun would have tried under his APM. And one other thing , those under his wings in the Apm who can be termed politicians have realized he only uses them for political games so most are no longer with him. The most prominent being Tripple A his candidate in the 2019 elections.

What more can I say about this analysis than the fact that it’s not that Adeola may lose but he will lose ota massively and the votes from yewa will be splitted. His case will mark the end of guys running from Lagos to go “colonize” other states with shady stories.

Ogun might not look cosmopolitan like Lagos but Ogun no be Lagos.

Well, about Eleyi’s return , I wouldn’t want to be too sure about Ladi scuttling that with the look of things but clearly one factor will work for the pdp gubernatorial candidate, the win for Pdp at the presidential elections will have a spill over effect on Ogun electorates and if it is the OGD I know , with the pdp at the centre , he will play neutral and Ladi might emerge to teach Eleyi a lesson.

Let’s keep watching .

You are a fine analyst who’s following events keenly.

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