How Police Shot Lawyer Omobolanle Raheem In Ajah, Subordinate writes NBA



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Good afternoon Ma.
Compliments of the season. I am Barr. Yvonne a member of the NBA Lagos Branch, Sir I tried reaching out to you but I guess you are busy. My boss Barr Omobolanle Raheem was shot dead today, by a POLICE OFFICER on her way back from Xmas service at Ajah under bridge .Her family just called me now , that they need a lawyer to stand in for them before the police changes the narrative. They have taken the matter to Ajiwe Police Station.

The Late Omonolanle Raheem

The police officer is from Ajiwe station. Her husband was the one driving, Barr. Omobolanle was seated in the front with her husband.

The Late Omonolanle Raheem

The officer asked them to park and they needed the vehicle in front to move so they can park well, and immediately the police officer shot at a close range right into her chest.

The Late Omonolanle Raheem

On seeing what happened , the remaining police officers on duty there absconded. After a while, some police men came and moved her body to the mortuary in Yaba , without obtaining any consent from her family members. Currently her family has located where they moved her body to. I am currently not in Lagos , I thought of bringing this to you for your assistance and guidance ma. Thank you


Late Omobolanle With Her Husband

The name of the lawyer that was reportedly shot dead by men of the Nigeria Police Force is Omobolanle Raheem

The Nigerian legal community’s Christmas celebrations has been dampened by the unfolding news of the murder of Omobalanle Raheem by a man confirmed to be a Police officer…

Via Barr Savn Daniel

Demola Of Lagos 𓃵



In one month, police officers from Ajiwe Police Division in Ajah have shot and killed 2 innocent citizens. One on the 7th of December and another on the 25th of December. If people protest now, your favourite idiotic government supporters will come out of hiding to talk shit.

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