Arthur Eze’s Fear About Rejection Of Peter Obi By North and West..What Will The Youths Choose In Feb.Continuity Or Hope?

Prominent Business man said this in Anambra

 “I warned Peter Obi to withdraw from this race but he would not listen. I told him plainly that I am not part of his plans. I told him to drop his ambition, and wait for next time.

“When he told me about his ambition, I asked him the states he thinks he can win in the west and in the north, he told me; but I was not convinced. I told him he cannot win; so that he would not waste his time and money,” he added.

The real intentions of Arthur Eze’s Comments are not clear. By saying that a tribe cannot be considered for a position inspite of merit is indirectly endorsing Peter Obi by saying he is the nations child. Making this speech at a traditional gathering makes a statement. This is probably the sympathetic position of traditional rulers in Anambra. The deeper implication of this is that there is no future in transparent elections in Nigeria, In other words “they will give it to whoever they want. That 200m million Nigerian views do not count” Arthur Eze is not speaking to Ndigbo,he is telling the whole nation all hope is lost…that merit will never reign in this country.

Artur Eze is in his 90s and may not know that three of the most powerful people in UK got today are an Indian and two Nigerians

I am confronted daily with these views. Leaders of the Jagaban team say it openly. that BVAS will be compromised.
To the people who say this ..i ask can Peter Obi make a change..they say Yes..they add a but..”they will not allow him” They say he has no structure…when you give examples in Africa of leaders who won straight from Social Media..they say this is Nigeria.
Then i ask the next question..can you survive another 8 years of suffering? They look down.
Arthur Eze is entitled to his fear and views and so are the traditional rulers in Anambra. We are entitled to our views.
5 years ago no one knew youths could make supreme sacrifice against police brutality in End Sars. In our wildest dreams no one could have ever thought the naira could be flying towards N1000.
Mabazulike could not believe he could not afford to transport his family home for christmas at any time in life.
We could not be designated the worlds poorest country so quickly.
No one knew Jagaban could be chased away from Daura..PMBs home base. Things have gotten so bad in the last 60months that the people seek hope..and they find hope in PO. I have my fears that the anger in the youths still shows in the recent reaction to Christmas day police killing of a pregnant woman lawyer in day light. The youths will be the ones to be used for rigging. They will be the ones used for violence. They will be the main voters. Its their destiny that is at stake.
As for the compromise of BVAS..we saw what happened in Edo..Anambra..Osun elections
We have less than 65 days to take a decision as a nation. Lets see what the nation wants continuity or growth. To me the youths will choose hope.

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