Who Posted and trained the Police Officers Killed in The Ohakim Attack..Other Questions

The news reports are consistent in talking about the bravery of Ex Governor Ohakims driver and the role the Bullet Proof vehicle played in saving his life.

Who posted 4 armed policemen to Ohakims team. If former VIPs in government since 1999 are all entitled to Police escort who mans the environment and its always clear the surrounding of each attack had poor security.
Where was Ohakim coming from?? Was he trailed from a political gathering?

How come Ohakim’s driver was fast enough to turn round and was pursued by the killers and the policemen waited patiently for the killers to return and kill them in their vehicle. They did not even come out of the vehicle

May Their Souls rest in Peace sha

No need to explain plans; Tinubu should just wave at rallies: Ikedi Ohakim…Novemeber 17 2022


No need to explain plans; Tinubu should just wave at rallies: Ikedi Ohakim…November 17 2022

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