Is Yewa In Ogun State Under Siege Again?

A WhatsApp message going Viral says


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“Some communities where held siege in Ondo State few ago… I don’t have the concrete evidence to escalate it in other not to make it a false report, this our politicians will go any length to cover it up like the one of over 5,000 Yewa people seeking refuge in Benin Rep at the moment. I pray all those kings are becoming victims maybe the voice would be heard.
The youth shouldn’t sleep no more

I feel your action bro.
I observe something in people living in Nigeria mostly those living in urban places, they don’t believe occurrence until they witness it themselves, they don’t leverage on experiences, Nigeria happened to this guy LIVE and decided to unleash his rage via media.
Weldone David
Gbogbo wa ni awaiting victim, breakfast awaits us all

Early 2021 terrorist invaded Yewa in Ogun State, Western part of the shared boundary with Benin Republic

According to some insight report some of those communities have been renamed taken over completely by the terrorist”

Video From File and not related to current report

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