Where Is Chijioke…SARS Akwuzu Returns To Old Reputation Of Extra Judicial Murders?


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Wrote Where is Chjioke

Three boys were arrested by

@PoliceNG for fighting in Awka, then transferred to Awkuzu SARS. Their parents were made aware and they went to see them last week, they were told they had to pay for damages amounting to N150k.

The parents are still running around for the money. One of them, Uchenna James Okafor, his parents saw him on Tuesday 3rd January and tried to pay their 50k share and bail him but was asked to return on Thursday as the IPO doesn’t work on Wednesday and wasn’t available.

Protests over previous Killings in SARS Akwuzu

They returned on Thursday to be told that their son died the night before. The claim is that he woke up at night and hit his head on the wall, they took him to hospital and he died. His parents were not called or informed and as at now they still have no access to his body.


@PoliceNG why is Awkuzu SARS still functional? Why are they still killing young people? How did James Uchenna Okafor die after seeing his parents the day before? What happened that night? Why wasn’t the family informed? Where’s his body?

@Princemoye1 help us. Please!

CSP James Nwafors activities brought Akwuzu to light..till date he has escaped

Response:My issue is Why were the innocent boys caught 4 fighting be transferred,not to area command, but to a robbery division in distant awkuzu police? With the recent bloodbath in Anambra why will innocent boys with folks that will struggle to get 50k for bail be caught in this?

Mazi Uchenna


“Awkuzu SARS is back. The facility is back in use. If you are looking for anyone abducted in South East, he is there. It’s filled with a large concentration of boys without charge as usual. The daily killing in that station is back. Spread the word, the killers are back.”

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