We should not and cannot elevate a public officer above the law and above probe, if there is indeed a case for him to answer.

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The DSS sought court order to arrest and investigate him unsuccessfully, and the service was greatly embarrassed through the process.

Then there are court orders to stop arrest and prosecution. It is better to make everything plain and open to the Nigerian people. Nobody should be above the law. The various crises surrounding the CBN Governor do not speak well for the nation’s economy.

There should be no undue persecution or arrest of any citizen without lawful cause or justification but no one should be shielded from probe.

The DSS does not require the arrest of a citizen in order to file a charge in court, if there is truly an allegation. The issues of alleged stamp duty and alleged sponsorship of terrorism are documentary.

The charge once filed, will of itself speak to compel the attendance of the defendant.

There is therefore no need for the seemingly unending drama between Mr Emefiele, the DSS and the Presidency, unless of course it is part of the hidden agenda.

Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN
Ikoyi, Lagos.

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