SW monarch admits Ndigbo into cabinet after 40yrs of peaceful coexistence

On The 14th an Ndigbo delegation paid homage to the Oba Of Onibudo ,Aiyetoro HRH Oba Adewunmi Adeniji


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During the visit,The Ndigbo community expressed happiness at the decades old peaceful relations and the progressive stride of the Traditional ruler and his team

The team expressed the desire to be included in the team by presenting their son Dr Daddy Okeleke A traditional ruler in Ndigbo Land.
While responding the Ona corrected the impression that relations dated only 20 years ago. He recalled that a certain Igbo Called Baba Dele live and died in the town at a very ripe age.
He recalled that even then the two communities enjoyed mutual relationship as the children from different families ate..slept and played in his house.

After accept1ng the request to include the Ndigbo representative in his team,,,he noted that palaces are refuge for all..irrespective of tribe creed or gender and hoped that the visit will take the two ethnic groups to the next level.
He also informed the Ndigbo team that development is an all round job and everyone should pull together

Press Release Of The visiting Ndigbo Team


14th January 2023
Good Morning Kabiyesi
Ade A pe lori..Bata a pe le se Irukere a pe lowo
My Greeting to the Entire Cabinet Of Onibudo
Over 20 years ago..the first Ndigbo arrived here ..crossing the Aiyetoro River On the felled Palm trees that served as bridges.
We were well received and barring the normal Omo onile issues..our ethnic group has lived peacefully with the owners of the land.
We have recently witnessed the strides by the administration under you and your able cabinet.
We have witnessed the activities your team and the millions of personal money sent to repair drainages ,roads,.To give food during the Covid period and recently, scholarships to youths.

School Outreach Programme Of HRH Oba Dr Adewunmi Adeniji

We have noted the inclusion of various tribes into your cabinet either as Chiefs or as adviser. We wish to be part of this progress in a deeper manner
On our path our journey has been progressive too. Today we number over 10,000 in your kingdom and around.We have built houses..Intermarried and have no record of ethinc differences within the kingdom.
For this we thank God and we thank your team also.
In the course of the growth of every society..there comes a time when change become a must.
We have expanded horizontally enough..we wish to expand vertically too.
For this purpose we wish to introduce our illustrious son Chief Daddy Okeleke.JP.KSP

Chief Daddy Okeleke

He is the Mgboko Of Ibusa.Agunejemba of Ejemeunor Kingdom. We kindly present him to you as the face of Ndigbo in Onibudo and environs.
We will communicate through him and we pray you also communicate with us through him.
Today we reaping the benefits of the handshake across the Niger…By this move…and at this level we wish to strenghten the bond.
Thank You
Long Live Onibudo
Long Live Ayetoro
Long Live Nigeria

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