Simon Ekpa Was Fooled By A Presidential Aspirant That Biafra Will Be Declared Once He Wins

Twitter handle Nmanu Aghu Ndigbo 1 wrote

Simon Ekpa is from Ebonyi State. Those who set him up to counter MNK have since abandoned him. But like Frankenstein, the monster has grown wild & uncomfortable. He recruited hungry, ignorant, uneducated folks from Ebonyi, sponsored by benefactors, turned them into cannibals.

2). Now the enemy of Igboland has recruited the monster to destabilize SE during the election. We must counter that move. Election must hold in d SE. The monsters must be compromised.

That’s the truth. He is the tool being used to make sure SE doesn’t vote just to erase Peter Obi’s advantage. So fools like Simon Ekpa got funded to unleash his terror group on SE to SE locked down in the cover of Biafra. But on that day election will be held in SE & Simon Ekpa disgraced.

He started all this bullshit about realising Biafra by Feb 2023 when he got fully funded. Those who want to be president by any means possible have brainwashed the olodo (4567) that once he becomes president Biafra will be actualised. A fool @ 40 is a proper fool forever. The truth is the truth.

We must stop the monster. He is not working with IPOB or any other org. He is an unguided stray Canon and must be stopped. The people must fight back the stray monster. This govt wants a peaceful election and Nigerians must key into that objective.

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