Alaba Market Leaders Deny Traders Without PVC Entry

A trending video of traders from the Alaba International Market, Lagos, being denied entry over lack of Permanent Voter Card (PVC) has surfaced on the internet.

In the two-minute clip, FIJ found that the traders were prevented from gaining access to the market on Thursday morning except they presented their PVC as gate pass.

A voice in the video identified those who were being denied access as the Lagos State chapter of the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN).

It further said the market was doing all it could to ensure every trader in the market was a registered voter ahead of the general elections in February.

“This is the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria. What they’re doing is to make sure that anyone who enters the market holds their PVC,” the male voice behind the camera says in the video.‘No PVC, No Entry’ at Alaba International Market.

“The officers of the market are doing everything possible to make sure before you enter the market, you are with your PVC. This time around, the market has taken it upon itself to make sure that things go as it was planned. You can see it by yourself.”

The voice of the yet-to-be-identified speaker also reveals that going forward, only registered voters with PVC will be admitted into the market.

“EDAN is doing the work as it was planned. Enter the market with your PVC at Alaba International Market,” says the voice.

“You can see the public relations officer of the market there making sure that everything is going well as it is supposed to be. These ones inside the market are those with their PVCs already.”

Dozens of reactions have trailed the trending clip on Twitter. Some tweeps believe no one should be compelled to vote or participate in elections, others think Nigerians sometimes need to be coerced to a take step in the right direction.

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