Simon Ekpa didnt witness the civil war,otherwise he will not be boasting about what he doesnt have/SM influencer

Nmanu-aghu Ndigbo 1. wrote on his handle

Simon Ekpa reminds me of Okodo Ndem of Biafra national radio. The Biafran master of propaganda. His voice was d epitome of propaganda & rable rouse. I am sure Simon Ekpa did not witness that war. If he did, he wouldn’t boast about what he doesn’t have. A lot died believing Okoko Ndem.

Nmanu Aghu Ndigbo was reacting to twitter handle Benjamin Amaechi 2 comment
Someone just drew my attention to this…few pple know that the name biafra covers an area that houses at least three nations. SE/SS in Nigeria..Equatorial Guinea..Cameroon.If his reference incs youths behind Peter Obi…that means non igbos from SW/NC/NE too are now Biafrans.

Benjamin Amaechi 2 was reacting to Simon Ekpa’s threat to shoot down military helicopters that dare enter the SE during his self announced no election in SE

Previously he wrote on the same topic
Simon Ekpa is a precarious situation. He has support from covert operationss of those who desire to see the SE in a fratricidal conflict of Igbo fighting Igbo. And the confusing situation is that d governors of the 5 Igbo states are in conflict themselves based on party affiliations. Unconcerned
You said it succinctly. He is the bloodline that confuses the international community wondering if IPOB is not really violent. Complicating the case of MNK. Thereby making people believe IPOB is violent when they are not. So Simon Ekpa is an agent provocateur. He should be diffused

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