Why the police refused to act when landgrabbers besieged a school and drove out the students in Lagos

An Angry Nigerian Writes
If am not mistaken Kaka is at Ayobo Megida.
If it is the same Kaka, he started terrorising Ayobo Magida and Alaja residents since year 2005 thereabout, including my area where my mothers built her house then I was residing there, he used the connections of some northerners in the police force then in Abuja to bring in armed criminals and thugs to invade that community, when no help came from the police the people then mobilised themselves and violently resisted his boys and pushed them back, but because the government of Obasanjo never allowed such crimes and criminality he was stopped.
Since the emergence of the Buhari government I guess he made his contact with the northern elements in power again and since them he had been invading and taken over peoples houses in that same community.
Chief A, how do you think you can help me and how do we work together to bring this guy to a check, he is wielding so much power because of his contact even among the police hierarchy.


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