Fleeing ISWAP Commander Destroys 4 SIM cards Fearing They are tracking Devices/Zagazola

A Top Commander of Boko Haram in Abu Ikilima’s camp in Sambisa Forest has destroyed 4 of his sim card. The terrorists Kingpin believes that their is an instrument attached to


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@NigAirForce Super Tukano that is tracking/targeting him and his fighters.

Battered by Military Arieal and ground offensive, ISWAP leadership have allegedly ran out of Nigeria through the border between Cameroon and Chad to seek help from ISIS mercenaries in Mali, Somalia and other terror network. Acceding to them “The Daula has almost fallen”

Despite these weaknesses, the troops of Operation Hadin Kai had continu to attack the insurgents in their enclaves. So far, the troops have within the week, destroyed Gaizuwa camp, popularly known as Mantari, Maimusari and Malumusari. They also killed scores of insurgents.
Dozens of women were rescued while the die hard fighters were forced to fled, leaving their vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles that were later burnt by the troops

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