If anything happens to any Igbo in SW during or after the elections ..Hold Tinubu responsible/BOG

If ANYTHING happens to ANY Igbo person ANYWHERE in Yorubaland during or after the elections, especially after Bola Ahmed Tinubu loses,

@OfficialAPCNg, Tinubu AND all his known associates, all members of his family must be made to face justice. The anti-Igbo rhetoric in the APC is reaching xenophobic levels, and decent Yorubas will defend the Igbos on our soil with our lives. Bola Tinubu & his army of gangsters must not be allowed to turn ANY PART of Yorubaland into any type of killing field.

We now understand why he chose Shettima as his running-mate. During the Civil War, Yorubas looked after their Igbo neighbours’ homes and properties, & returned them mostly intact, unlike elsewhere, even in Eastern Nigeria. Every episode of harassment of any non-Yoruba group in Lagos since 1999 has had Bola Tinubu’s imprimatur on it, & its probably why he refused to sign the peace accord amongst Presidential candidates. Every decent Yoruba person must now speak out against this overambitious gangster and his family, to prevent us being given a name that does not belong to us!!

The things I have heard in the last 48 hours about movements of small arms & assault rifles amongst his army of thugs are alarming enough, and viewed against the background of their horrific behaviour at previous election, cannot be ignored. If you hear or see anything, speak out. Clearly, he wants to emulate the Buhari model, because that one got away with electoral terrorism TWICE. Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his associates must be stopped BY ALL POSSIBLE MEANS!

Babatunde Gbadamosi

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