Petrol Tankers Block Road In Lagos,Protesting the man handling of their member by MC Oluomo’s men

“By 12 noon, Tuesday, 7th, Feb. At Volks bus stop, Ojo the petrol tankers blocked dthe road.they are protesting against the Lagos park and garages authority, for man handling their members, hoping it won’t degenerate any further.”……. thanks. Via Whatsapp


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Lagos Parks and Garages is headed by MC Oluoma man known to be APC Predidential Candidates right man Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
For weeks there have been fears that the traditional thuggery that characterises Lagos elections will soon surface.
Earlier a group had called themselves Jagabans army.
Then the army arrested hundreds of suspected political thugs at several dark spots in Lagos.
A few days ago Lagos Business man and politician had warned that should any attack be made on Igbos in Feb ..APC presidential candidate should be held responsible.
Just yesterday the police arrested some thugs claiming to be Yoruba Nation agitators.
The Question Joni and analysts ask is this…in what form will Jagaan army appear as the election draws closer

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