Hosanna today, crucify him Tomorrow, will SW Become Obedient to save democracy?

The sad incident of yesterday at Abeokuta left many injured and one suspected killed.


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Who engineered this protest is unknown and fingers are being pointed to APC..but will APC destroy its own banners?

Abeokuta is a peculiar place to riots in view of recent events,

Ogun state is divided and the chance of an electoral landslide by the ruling party of APC is very slim.

Of the three senatorial zones,2 are firmly in the hands of two ex governors opposed to the SW idol Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu.

One of the ex governors has vowed that the incumbent governor will not be returned. While the second senatorial district is in the hands of an ex governor at war with the APC in the state.
The third senatorial district is a hot contest between a new character in APC Ogun ,senator Olamilekan who has been in Lagos politics for over a decade. His opponent is a seasoned Ota Prince belonging to the opposition party PDP .
Against this background is the littoral strenght of parties like SDP,ADC and Labour

If there is so much split…why did APC candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu get such a rousing welcome less than a week ago in Abeokuta capital of Ogun state.
The answer is simple…Ogun was deciding.
Yesterday it took a decision against the continuation of APC in government.
SW know democracy which it championed is in danger of the introduction of Interim national Government in cace of re run elections or wide spread violence.
South west has been the point from where democracy has always come to an end

namely operation wetie in the 60s..Omo boriowo crisis in the 80’s ended the first and second republic.

With visible loss of strength by Tinubu in Ekiti,Oyo,Lagos,Osun,and now Ogun..SW is now left with a choice..Support Tinubu and risk democracy or pitch in to Peter Obi Movement.
Yesterdays event in Abeokuta has brought hunger,hardship,,bad governance straight to the ballot paper,
SW will take a decision in the next few days to save democracy not Tinubu

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