Close pictures of some notorious Boko Haram fighters/ZagaZola

The 5 are has dreadlocks suggesting a Chadian origin..3 are from the Mandara region which suggests they may be Cameroonians, only one is seen with a sign of his religion.
All the pictures show a poor environment.
Some reactions


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kazeem Olayiwola Shuaib under

@kezinshen wrote

Believe them to be Muslim at your own peril. Never allow the Muslim nomenclature they bear convince you. The influence of North Africa Muslim through trans Sahara trade routes made some people in those areas bear Muslim names but belongs to other religions.

The words other religion seems to have been clarified by

Fuad Maqary



Just like the haqiqa faction of Darika they are the Haqiqa faction of IZALA or salafiyya… those that are striving to bring back the real wahhabi ideology, kill anyone that doesn’t belong to them.

Abu Ali

Abu Nazir From Mandara Mountain
Abakar Irhap, Mandara Mountain.

Baba Wala
Muhamma Mandara Mountain

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