If you see Simon Ekpa’s Supporters ,report them to the Police/Charlie Boy

If u know people wey dey support Simon Ekpa in your locality, those kin people no be better people oooo, na dem dey Potopoto every where for Igbo land. If you see dem go report dem to Police immediately. Igbos are not killers and they don’t support terrorist. Reject terrorism/Charles Oputa On his verified handle


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Mr Simon Ekpa is held responsible for inciting violence to stop elections in South Eastern Nigeria.To him the boycott of elections in SE will force the Federal Government of Nigeria to release incarcerated Pro Independence figure Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and send a message to the international community that there is a breakdown of governance in the country.

He uses the “sit at home” on Mondays order in SE to maim civilians that do not comply.

His followers claim their goal is noble for the independence of Biafra.

Recently Mr Peter Obi emerged as the presidential candidate for an unpopular Labour Party and has suddenly become a local and international figure for integrity and performance. Mr Obi also hails from SE.
This has created problems of loyalty for the Simon ‘Ekpa’s followers.

The elections is 8 days away and the acceptance of Mr Ekpa’s logic is waning.

Most Igbos cannot reconcile the logic of asking for independence and promoting Peter Obi.

Efforts are being made overtly and covertly to bring Mr Ekpa home for trial

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