An Ekpa under fire seeks refuge in history,seperates democracy from referendum



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People of Finland will know the truth, and we will make sure not only Finland will know the truth, but other part of the world will know the truth going forward

When Nigeria people and their journalist tell you, oh you want to stop a democratic process in Nigeria, tell them we do not want to stop the democratic process of Nigeria, we want to end the impunity

Nigeria do not have a democratic process, what is democratic in Nigeria? Nothing!
You go to vote and after voting, Fulani court will give another person the victory, is that democratic?
Nothing is democratic about Nigeria, the only thing the Biafra people have decided now

which I’m the spokesperson, is that we will not validate such impunity again, and the world should also understand our own problem, that we have a problem with Nigeria, and it did not start from Simon Ekpa, it started over 60yrs ago, we are only trying to solve that problem once

and for all, because if you over look it, it will still be there and it will get worst than what it is today
If anybody tells you that Simon Ekpa want to stop a democratic process, tell them no, that actually what we are demanding now is more democratic than this election

itself, what we are demanding now is right for referendum.
The only democratic process we are going to allow is the referendum where people can now participate in deciding their future, that is what we call true democracy

Democracy is not when you deploy 400,000 police men, to come and start fighting war in Biafra land, and you want us to believe that it is free and fair election? No!
We have had enough, I am also appealing to government of Finland and other government of the world,

because with what has happened in few days now, Biafra is being discuss everywhere all over the world, I can assure you
Every powerful media in the world have contacted Finland, I am telling you the fact, and it is time to discuss with fact and figures

-Mazi Simon Ekpa.
Biafra Spokesperson
Live Broadcast of 17.2.2022

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