Blogger Produces Evidence that Police is Shielding Officers Named In Akwuzu Killings

Dear @nigeriapoliceforce please do not play with me, don’t try it, don’t even go there, before I write something I dey get evidence and I made sure I monitored all their movement uptil they entered Awka the next day, the last slide is a video of where they were lodged in


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Abuja, you told the whole world they were called for questioning whereas una go put them for TRANSCORP HILTON ABUJA, these are the criminals by the pool side taking fresh air, don’t go this low @nigeriapoliceforce alot of lives were cut short unjustfully by these monsters

is this the investigation you promised Nigerians????

Another Police officer just confessed again and he is in Patrick team, I just posted the audio, are these not evidence enough?? I AM TIRED!!!
writing previously
There is a Yoruba adage that says, “Moja Mosa lan mo akinkanju loju ogun” this means “HE WHO FIGHTS AND RUNS AWAY LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY” in as much as I want justice to be served in ANAMBRA and Sanity restored in ANAMBRA, I initially do not mind f1ghting alone as all ANAMBRA public figures has been mute over this matter but I saw something now that caught my attention, I guess the government are trying so hard to change the narrative of this crime committed in ANAMBRA, before I started this story there was no attack on ANAMBRA police…station, immediately I started the massive expose, this is about the third time I am hearing in 2 days that there was an attack in ANAMBRA, what does that tell you? They are trying so hard to pin it on me, the next thing you will hear is GISTLOVERSBLOG instigated gunmen to attack ANAMBRA police station and that’s it, such is the case of the END SARS, remember the ENDSARS was going on smoothly until they planted area boys in the midst of Peaceful protesters to cause r1ot and robbery then fiam from nowhere an order from above came that…the protest should stop as they are not peaceful protesters anymore, 9JA MY COUNTRY!!! I understand its a very crucial time in Nigeria and any little thing like this they plant people to turn the narrative around. I wouldnt want my name to be mentioned as the one who didnt…

allow ANAMBRA have a peaceful election, when in all honesty I am just trying to help those who doesn’t have a voice, masses who are being k1lled unjustly on a daily basis,youths who can’t walk freely again, MAKE MY GOOD NO GO TURN BAD. I see all the propaganda but I put this…

to you all, in just few Days election will be over and I promise Patrick and his team, I WILL BE BACK! I appreciate all the support,love and prayers for the past few days,I have had sleepless night,a-times I eat once in a day ontop this matter. I have left my vendors hanging…

and shunned all advert, still ontop this matter,I have not come this far to give up like this, NAH!! WHILE I PRAY AND HOPE WE HAVE A FREE AND FAIR ELECTION IN ANAMBRA, I WILL BE WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE TO GATHER MORE INFORMATION, PATRICK SEE YOU SOON NIGGA!!!

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