2023:A Tornado is coming


BA:now the next issue is that Obi didnt get 24 states

BV:Obi definitely won in Akwa Ibom. Even the blind can prove and the dumb is ready to say it…Yes he didn’t get 25% in 24 states in this fraud of an election but he got the FCT. However, it is not something to be worried about because if his stolen votes from both APC and the PDP are retrieved by the courts as it happened in Uzodimma’s Supreme Court’s case then if those retrieved results are added to that of Obi then he would surely score the majority of votes cast in the election as well as 25% of votes in 24 states and the FCT.I foresee a Supreme Court President just like we have a Supreme Court Governor in Imo State. Imo is the microcosm of Nigeria which was used as the test run earlier for something bigger in the future. It would soon add up.

BA:Merger between LP and PDP will be it.with LP having the upper hand

BV:If there would be any merger it would be in form of a pact or an alliance to oust APC. At this stage there can’t be a merger of votes because the votes are settled already but PDP in the form of an alliance with LP may admit in court that most of it votes actually belonged to Obi and if that is done then the Courts shall retrieve those votes and add them up to that of Obi thereby declaring him the winner. It would be a shocker to APC whose votes in a large chunk may be voided due to electoral malpractices or added up to that of Obi also. A tornado is coming.

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