16 Categories Of People That Will Vote Sanwo out on Saturday

— APC Made Two Cardinal Mistakes In Lagos State.

  1. Thinking, believing and making everybody to believe election is a fight between the Yoruba and Igbo.
  2. Believing that anybody that is not Yoruba in Lagos must be Igbo.

They didn’t understand the basic sets of people who are against them.

These include…

  1. The Aworis and Yorubas who are indigenous Lagosians.
  2. Danfo drivers and conductors.
  3. Car owners in Lagos State irrespective of where they come from especially those that have been scammed by LASTMA and VIO.
  4. Graduates who are working as Uber drivers, Keke drivers, Danfo and Korope drivers and as Conductors.
  5. Anybody who has ever lived in any Western Country before for a period of up to a year and above but now live in Lagos.
  6. Aworis and Lagos indigenes who are doing agbero work.
  7. Graduates who are doing agbero work.
  8. Some members of other tribes who live and do business in Lagos.
  9. People who do business in markets but have allocated spaces outside under the sun that they are forced to pay for daily instead of shops.
  10. People who do business in the markets with their own shops (this is where 90% of Igbos belong).
  11. People have their shops on the streets that local government will lock and charge them ₦25k or more to open once they notice their name is neither Yoruba or Islamic names while they are collecting ₦3k from those with Yoruba names. (IGBO and other tribes belong to this category).
  12. Okada riders (up to 70% of this category are Northerners and muslims).
  13. People who were shot at at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20th October, 2020.
  14. People who lost family and friends at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20th October, 2020.
  15. People who have bought properties in Lagos for donkey years and paid for everything requested of them but cannot get C of O to the property because their names are neither Yoruba names nor Islamic names.
  16. Lest I forget, some Igbo, couldn’t care less if a gorilla is the governor as long as they do their business during the day and hit the joints at night. Unless they fall into any of the categories above.

Unfortunately APC lumped the whole 16 categories together as IGBO and every election year you’ll start hearing threats and accusations against the Igbo. We no send because we already know that it’s all mouth with zero action and that irrespective of who we vote, you’ll plant in your stooge.

Until now.

This is why on Saturday, ndi IGBO AND THE REST OF THE ABOVE 16 CATEGORIES, will come out en masse and vote out APC because this time our vote MUST count. We will vote LP everywhere and after, APC will start threatening Igbos again, as usual. But this time, with an expiry date in sight.

NB: I forgot to even add educated and polished Yorubas who may not even be Lagosians.
And those whose vehicles was impounded and sold at auctions while they begged to buy back these vehicles and the government refused….

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