INEC is probably trying to WIPE the data from the server, and this is why they need a court order to give Amazon web services to wipe the data.



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Take it like this. You make a transfer from your bank account to another. Once you’ve done this, between the time it leaves your account and hits the other account, nobody can interfere with the process.
It’s technology.

The algorithm of that software incorporates block-chain technology and does not give room for interference once the process is initiated. This is to ensure tamper-proof transmission of results.

INEC deliberately shut down the server on election day, after their supervisors gave most polling unit agents fake passwords.

When the polling agents tried to upload at the PU’s, they couldn’t log in. Very few who had been mistakenly given the right password logged in but the server was down so they couldn’t upload. Nobody could upload results.

Word went round the PU’s that the results could be uploaded offline. This was done in a good 75% of PU’s nationwide. The idea being that, when the server is back on, they would upload automatically, just like making a post on Facebook when you are offline, when you come online, what you posted will automatically appear.

INEC did not know this.

The Servers (hosted on AWS- Amazon web service) were turned back on over the weekend by INEC, thinking they had fooled Nigerians with the fake results not knowing that the original results would be uploading automatically.

Why is INEC suddenly uploading original results which contradict what they announced?
INEC has no control over the results that are automatically uploading right now, and they can’t stop it cos the guy who was the original IT guru incharge of the system was transferred from that office to Enugu when they realized he could not be compromised.

This guy out of anger hid some of the details from them on sensing this grand conspiracy.

It is happening automatically and results show Peter Obi has an 80% lead.

INEC thinks they’re smart and we dont know. In panic , they rushed to the Court to get a court order to “reset or reformat the BVAS ” just like reformatting a phone to wipe every single thing on that phone but it’s too late. Is God not Wonderful?

iNEC sensing great danger rushed to court to restrain labour party from accessing this particular sensitive part of the election materials, but the Court declined their prayers.

My friend at Amazon says though, that they dont need a court order for a reset. They’re actually probably trying to WIPE the data from the server, and this is why they need a court order to give Amazon web services to wipe the data.

The court has restrained iNEC from resetting any Bvas.

People are going to jail straight from this place.

Copied from Tim Akumbur’s wall

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