Complain About The Police Man Who threatened to Shoot A Building Contractor Over A Civil Matter

Dear DCP
Here is the story from her handle



My brother is a building engineer, he was contracted to handle a project which he did but the man refused to pay. He was told that the money will be transferred to him but he didn’t receive the transfer. Few days later the man redirected him to someone else to get the money transferred. He met the person and was told it will be done on that day but it wasn’t. My brother went back to the person who contracted him for the job but didn’t meet him at his business place (He manages a motel), one of the girls there told him he went to the POS by the road side so my brother went there to meet him. Trying to talk to him, he shouted at him and walked out so my brother approached him and took his phone and told him to transfer his money in other to get his phone. Some of his friends approached my younger sisters and threatened them.

That the guy owing my brother has police connection and will use the police on my brother so my sisters came home and told us. My brother went outside the gate to buy something from the street and I followed him just to see some police men beating him up alongside the man owing him and his friends so I rushed back in to inform my older sister because my parents and older brothers aren’t around. I tried to find out why they were beating him but the officer was threatening to shoot him and the man owing him was asking them to beat him up.

The story continues

They are hitting him with the gun and he is beading all over. Twitter please help me. This is happening in ihiagwa, Owerri west IMO state. My brother can’t be another victim please we need help,Twitter I need your help. My brother just almost got killed in ihiagwa by a police man for no reason. He threatened to kill him then went ahead to discharge a bullet. Never did I ever think I will be typing this but I’m shaken. Twitter please help me. They assaulted him and took Him away

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